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Divine Flow

Like most people, I’ve grown up being led to believe that what is most important in life is working hard to prove yourself, become a success, and help as many people as possible. What’s wrong with that?

What’s wrong is that we often sacrifice our own self-care in the process. We forget to honor our own needs and our own right to thrive, play, and live in bliss.

Divine Flow was created to be a sanctuary to come back home to your Higher Self and remember that you are worthy of following what feels good each day.

And that… by doing so, you will actually end up helping more people than you would by hustling and putting yourself last.

Because when you rise, we all rise.


I’m Natalie, your humble guide

I don’t have all of the answers to life or the secrets of the universe. I’m just another dreamy-eyed solopreneur who took the crazy train to burnout central (over and over) because I believed that the only way to succeed and, ironically, be happy was to put my needs, hobbies, and self-care last. Sound familiar?

The amount of stress, pressure, and overwhelm I put on myself was not anyone else’s fault but mine. And it was all based on the belief that my sole purpose here is to serve to others and make them feel good.

While helping others has always been one my greatest joys in life (and I still fall into the trap of thinking it’s the #1 MOST important thing at times), I have found that I am best able to help others shine when I am my best & brightest self.

Taking time to slow down, focus on feeling how I want to feel, and tuning into my intuition so I can connect to my Higher Self is HOW I do that. No pressure, no stress, and plenty of rest is how I choose to create my legacy of love.

Divine Flow is about realizing that it is OK to prioritize rest, play, self-care, and spiritual discovery, and that you will actually get ahead much faster, further, and more enjoyably when you do.

Your Higher Self knows more than you do – so what happens if you let yourself learn to listen to that softer, quieter voice more than the one of fear, worry, and not-enoughness?

Whether it’s taking time to go for a walk and meditate in the morning before you pick up your phone, spending lazy afternoons reading a fascinating book, or shutting down your laptop early for the day and breaking out some watercolor paints… I want you to know that you can live a life of feel-good DIVINE FLOW and still get everything you want and more.

Plus, everything you desire will flow to you so much more easily than if you were to hustle, grind, work all the time, and constantly strive to push yourself harder. Are you ready to believe this can be true? Then, you’re in the right place. Welcome to Divine Flow.

Things I’m currently into

Exploring mindfulness through meditation and yoga
Playing with vibration through sound bowls
Reading books about spirituality & soul growth
Being in nature as much as humanly possible
Making art just for the fun & sheer joy of it
Going on retreats in beautiful places




Started as a Professional Astrologer

After a major spiritual awakening, I decided I wanted to do something that felt more meaningful and purpose driven with my life’s work. My astrology chart showed me that I was meant to help people on a deeper spiritual level, so that’s exactly what I did by primarily helping people find their ideal career with astrology for the next several years.


Became a Reiki Healer

On retreat in Hawaii, an ancient rock (“pohaku”) spoke to me and called me to learn to heal energetically with my hands through Reiki. After that retreat, I signed up for classes immediately, becoming a Level III White Light Reiki Practitioner and a Level II Karuna Reiki Practitioner.


Studied Angel Communication

After the pandemic left me (and everyone around me) reeling, I prayed to my angels to help me find peace in the midst of great fear. I discovered an Angel Messenger Certification Program and began channeling the angels for myself. Many miraculous things began happening and I would often find myself waking up at 4:44 with divine downloads and messages every day.


Published My First Book

My biggest dream in life from a young age came true when I was asked to write a book about finding your ideal career with astrology (Find Your Cosmic Calling). I knew immediately that I wanted to write many, many more books to come!


Became a Level II QHHT Practitioner

I was beginning to get restless talking about astrology all the time and began reading all sorts of spiritual books including those written by Dolores Cannon, a famous hypnotherapist who has discovered the most amazing things about the universe by putting her clients under trance and communicating with their Higher Selves, or as she calls it, the SC (“superconscious”).

After having my own life-changing QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) session, I began studying to become a practitioner myself. After graduating, I ended up working with clients over 6 months as a research project to better understand the true nature of the Higher Self.


Started Divine Flow

Craving greater freedom, creativity, and variety, I wanted to create a platform where I could combine everything I loved in one place without having to feel nailed down with my focus while catering to both an online and local audience to form more meaningful in-person connections with my community.

…to be continued!



Conversations on connecting with your Higher Self & trusting the Universe more

How can we live in flow and stay connected to our Higher Selves in a world where we are taught to go go go and work hard to help others? And what kind of divine downloads and intuitive insights could we receive if we slowed down and prioritized our own energetic alignment above anything and everything else? That is what we’ll seek to explore through solo episodes and interviews with spiritual thoughtleaders.

“Instead of asking, ‘Have I worked hard enough to deserve rest?’, I’ve started asking, ‘Have I rested enough to do my most loving and meaningful work?'”

— Nicola Jane Hobbs