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Divine Flow

How can we live in flow and stay connected to our Higher Selves in a world where we are taught to go go go and work hard to help others?

And what kind of divine downloads and intuitive insights could we receive if we slowed down and prioritized our own energetic alignment above anything and everything else?

That is what we’ll seek to explore through solo episodes and interviews with spiritual thoughtleaders.


Latest Episodes

“You’re not looking for a path. You’re creating an atmosphere so that the path shows itself to you.”

— Abraham-Hicks

About me

How I’ve created Divine Flow

Aloha, my name is Natalie!

I moved to Hawaii in 2015 so that I could follow my dreams and live every day like I was on vacation. However, what happened instead is that I became a workaholic! I spent nearly a decade striving to prove myself and heal the whole world with my soul gifts… only to realize that the main person I needed to love, take care of, and heal was myself.

It wasn’t until I began to learn about how our Higher Self is always guiding us and protecting us as it sets us up to learn our soul lessons that I finally realized that our only job here is to play, experience, and rise – not to work all the time. ✨

I created this space to share what I’m learning about spirituality – and to express myself creatively – so we can rise alongside one another by channeling our Higher Selves, trusting the universe, & surrendering to divine flow together.